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History of Weston-super-Mare

Timeline History of Weston-super-Mare Discover the story of this popular Somerset town in this timeline history of Weston-super-Mare. Weston-super-Mare grew from a small village in the bronze age into the popular seaside resort town it is today. Through the ages, it has evolved from a small farming and fishing village, a mining village, and then a major seaside tourist town. Let us see how Weston evolved. Prehistory Weston has been inhabited since at least the Neolithic period. Flint arrowheads and stone axes have been found in Weston-super-Mare indicating the presence of hunter-gatherers, who would have used Weston as somewhere to gather resources as they traveled to different locations throughout the year. Bronze age 3100 BC – 300 BC The first signs that there would have been a settlement in Weston come from bronze age burials discovered on the southern side of Weston Hill. A burial barrow for a high-status individual has also been found. Iron Age: Worlebury Hillfort - 1200 BC –