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How Cities Can Implement Sustainable Stormwater Management Practices

Stormwater runoff is a major contributing factor to water pollution in urban areas. The water that flows off streets, paths, and rooftops often contains harmful chemicals, debris, and pollutants. But there are ways that cities can manage stormwater in a sustainable manner. In this post, we'll explore several approaches that can be used to manage stormwater effectively. The Importance of Sustainable Stormwater Management Stormwater runoff is particularly problematic for our waterways because of its quantity and quality. As it flows across parking lots, roads, and rooftops, it picks up pollutants that can contaminate the water we drink and the fish we eat. But by implementing sustainable stormwater management practices, cities can significantly reduce the amount of runoff that enters our waterways. These approaches include green infrastructure, low-impact development, and more. Green Infrastructure Green infrastructure solutions include everything from rain gardens and bioswales