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The Top Sustainable House Design Ideas for Green Homes

Sustainable house design ideas

Coming up with sustainable home ideas doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some great ideas to help you. Sustainable homes mean you can reduce energy bills and usage use locally sourced materials as well as reduce your carbon footprint. Green homes are going to be the new standard. Homes that harness and complement renewable energy to reduce energy costs and help reduce the impact of climate change.

Where to build for a sustainable home design?

The location of a sustainable home is one of the key things to consider. You need to make sure you reduce your carbon footprint in the build as well as keeping the home sustainable for as long as possible.

Dont build in a dangerous area

This may seem obvious but you should consider the risk of nature on your sustainable home. If the land you build on likely to flood in the future then it's probably not good to build there. You also need to consider more extreme natural events like earthquakes and hurricanes. Building in a dangerous area that could risk the destruction of your new home would reduce its life and sustainable potential.

Travel considerations

If you are looking to live a sustainable life to go along with your new home consider where you have to travel. Will your new home be close to where you need to go from day to day?

You would want to reduce the amount of impact you have on the environment through travel. This may mean choosing a location within comfortable walking or cycling distance from work, amenities and entertainment.

This makes your home convenient and reduces your personal carbon footprint.


You want to make sure you have access to all the utilities you may need. Picking a piece of land to build a sustainable home only to find that you cannot be connected to electrical, communication water and sewerage systems can ruin your plans. 

However, depending on how sustainable you want to build your home, you can avoid the need for many traditional utility services which we will explore further in the article.

Size, smaller homes are more sustainable

What size home are you thinking of. Lots of people dream of a large home but smaller homes are more sustainable.

Why are smaller homes more sustainable?

Smaller homes are greener and more sustainable because they need less energy to heat and maintain when built. Smaller homes also benefit from requiring fewer materials to build them than larger homes.

How small should my home be?

When we say small what you really need to make a home sustainable is a home that is just the right size. This means taking into account the storage, room size and space you need to live a comfortable life. Make sure to consider your future plans too. If you plan to have kids for example take this into account when designing your green home. Smaller homes also cost less to heat.

Take advantage of natural heat with home facing position

When you decide which way the home is going to face you want to take into account the natural heat and light the sun can provide. Harnessing this light and heat can reduce your energy bills for heating and lighting as well as making your home more comfortable.

Make sure that the wall with the largest amount of glazing, that's windows and doors with large windows like patio doors, is facing south. Facing the largest glazed area south will maximise the heat and light energy from the sun. This is massively beneficial in the winter months as days are shorter and colder.

Terracotta external cladding can also provide the home with recyclable hard-wearing protection and heat gain to the home. These types of passive layout functions can make a huge difference to sustainability at low costs.

If too much sunlight and heat is coming from the sun in the summer months a perfectly calibrated overhang can reduce the natural heat and light at the height of summer. Calibrating the overhang perfectly will mean that in the winter months the overhand will not obstruct the natural light and heat coming through the windows.

Build your sustainable home out of the most local products

One of the biggest contributing factors to a carbon footprint of a building is the cost of manufacturing and transporting materials to the construction site.

If you can make use of local providers. This isn't just good for increasing the sustainability of a green home but will help the local economy too.

Sourcing materials locally is not always possible but consider transportation costs to the sustainability of your green home.

Use recycled materials that are usable as construction materials

Design your green home with recycled materials where possible. Using recycled materials will reduce your carbon footprint. The carbon produced in the manufacture of new material can be much higher so recycled materials can be a great way to reduce this.

Another way to harness recycling in the construction of your green home is to make sure any waste material is recycled where possible when you remove it from the site.

Insulation Is Necessary for Sustainable Houses

Insulation is a big one. Look into one more post we wrote on spray insulation for brand-new residences. First things first: vocabulary. R worth is a term we use to rank the insulation value of a material. R value = Resistance the greater the R worth the more insulation. You intend to ensure that your house has an adequate R value for your climate. There are lots of different insulation kinds as well as methods. When we make a house we make certain to evaluate all the options with our clients. I find it is helpful to detail the relevance of insulation as well as the various choices readily available.

Using products like eco SIPs can be an exceedingly cost-effective, energy-efficient, sustainable and green way of building the framework of your home as well as giving it excellent insulation.

One of the most crucial points is to protect your home to keep the hot air out throughout the summer season and also maintain the cosy air in throughout the winter season. New House Insulation is really vital. If your area has energy codes, you require to make sure to meet at least the minimum requirements for insulation. Excellent insulation is one of the most vital energy reliable house concepts to apply. Home heating, as well as cooling, is the biggest per cent of energy use as well as your energy expense. The far better insulation you have, the much less power you will certainly utilize.

Air securing, additionally known as draft stopping, goes with insulation. This is one of the lesser well-known energy-efficient house layout suggestions, and one that individuals often ignore. Air sealing protects against air from dripping through your home. You want to see to it your home isn't dripping conditioned air. What is the point of all that insulation if chilly air is blowing via splits and gaps in your wall surfaces?

There needs to be sealing at all the openings and also infiltrations through your roofs and walls. This consists of windows, doors, vents, electric avenue, and also any other holes and also infiltrations. These all need sufficient securing via caulking or various other methods. We commonly recommend shut cell spray foam insulation. It not just shields however likewise increases to secure up openings, tiny holes, and also fractures in the building and construction. This is one element that relies heavily on quality building. Using great construction specialists is crucial for developing sustainable houses.

You can check a house's air securing with a blower door examination. This is an atmospheric pressure test that determines if your home is leaking air and also at what rate.

You have to use effective doors and windows. They need to have correct weather removing to keep out the aspects. They require to shut tight so as to secure the opening. The kind of glass as well as material insulation value are likewise really crucial. Windows as well as doors are pricey, but you intend to make sure they are not mosting likely to cost you much more in the long run with inefficiency. Windows as well as doors are also a powerlessness for air leak. Make certain you have proper air sealing around these locations. You don't wish to buy great home windows as well as install them with poor quality.

Dual pane windows are a minimum typical regarding I am concerned, yet triple pane is better.

We intend to utilize products that stay clear of Volatile Organic Substances or VOCs. Examples consist of using reduced VOC paint or glues in the building and construction of your new residence.

Usage products that can be recycled later on or have actually already been reused. Using regional materials is a great begin to sustainability. There are lots of lasting materials in nature, for example wood, that are renewable as well as accredited. You need to likewise see to it that the materials you pick are durable! It is not sustainable to replace products every few years.

Powering Equipment

Making use of energy efficient devices and also tools is the most convenient of these energy reliable residence concepts to attain. As a minimum need, use Energy Star ranked home appliances. I am composing this short article on an Energy Star ranked computer system display. Did you understand you can get an Energy Celebrity TELEVISION? Your cooking area home appliances can use a good quantity of energy, so look out for those Power Celebrity labels. Your home heating, Air Conditioning systems, as well as water heaters ought to all be Energy Celebrity ranked.

LED Illumination For Energy Efficient Home Layout

LED lights are coming to be an increasing number of typical as a power reliable house design attribute. In our jobs they are common. Every one of our clients desire LED lights. They are going to reduce your power cost (they utilize much less power) and also you will not need to alter the light bulbs for many years. They might be a bit more expensive upfront, but consider the savings on power and less constant changing of the bulbs! Power reliable lighting is a very easy addition to a lasting residence.

Incidentally, LED mean Light Emitting Diode: these are the very best choice for energy effective lighting and also power efficient residence styles.

Water Conserving Pipes Fixtures

Toilets as well as other plumbing fixtures are not the same as they utilized to be. They make dual flush commodes where you can select a lower or greater flush rate as required. All your pipes components can have decreased or Low-flow water usage, consisting of taps and also shower heads. These components are coming to be preferred. You will certainly have no trouble locating plumbing fixtures that make use of water at reduced circulation rates. There is no requirement to be wasteful.

Your Warm as well as A/C will generally be the largest source of energy intake in your house. You will want to use an effective and well-designed system. COOLING AND HEATING is a substantial portion of your energy consumption and, consequently, item and system selection is crucial for energy efficient house design. Here are a couple of choices that can aid:

Smart Thermostat: One of easiest Lasting Residence pointers to execute is using clever thermostats. A smart thermostat can decrease your power intake by learning your patterns as well as optimizing around your comfort level.

Zones: I am a big fan of zones. Did you ever deal with someone who likes it hot when you want it cooler? If you damage your house into areas, you can set independent temperature levels by space. Additionally, you do not need to run the HVAC in areas that are seldom utilized, like the basement or utility room.

Efficient Devices: Nevertheless you create the system, make certain the equipment is power reliable and also appropriately mounted.

Mini-split devices: Mini divided home heating as well as a/c units are exceptionally preferred right now due to their performance as well as capacity to manage a home in separate areas. These systems have a condenser outside your house and at the very least 1 unit in each area inside the house. To find out more regarding ductless mini divides and their power saving advantages, check out the Division Of Energy mini divides energy conserving information.

Did you know you can recycle your energy?

Set up an ERV or Power Healing Ventilator If you have exhaust fans and air ducts in your house, as an example in your bathroom, the ERV can utilize the warm from the exhaust to pre-heat or precool the air being brought right into your residence. Preheat the air in the wintertime or precool the air in the summer with an ERV to reduce energy use on your HEATING AND COOLING. Do not worry: it does not actually blend the exhaust air with the new air! It simply makes use of the heat from the exhaust.

Why let all that rain water go to waste? Mount roofing rain gutters and also downspouts that guide the water to a tank for reuse. This water can be used to purge your toilets or water the garden. Rain water (depending upon your area) can also be used for alcohol consumption if you filter as well as purify it. The most common use rainwater collection is for gardening/ irrigation. You can utilize a concrete below ground detention storage tank to save the water with a pump to flow the water. Lasting houses need a smart fashion of managing water.

Renewable Resource for Sustainable Houses

Renewable resource is a warm subject these days for sustainability. Power source is very vital when making a lasting house. Here are a pair options.

Photovoltaic Panels: Set Up Photovoltaic or Solar Panels to create power from the Sun. These store power in batteries so you can have electrical power in the evening too. Big trees obstructing the sunlight may trigger an issue for solar panels. The alignment of your house is also vital. See to it an expert figures out if your place makes good sense. In specific areas excess power can be sold back to your neighborhood power resource.

Windmills: Consider mounting a little windmill if ideal. See if your regional energy source has wind power or various other renewables available.

Geothermal Heat: Although the ground can be iced up in the winter, the soil deep listed below is warm. Make use of the Planet's heat to heat your house!

Solar Warm Water or Tankless Hot Water

Solar hot water is a system for heating water utilizing the Sun. It can be installed on your roof covering and can warm your water. There are 2 fundamental types of solar water heating. Active system uses pumps, as well as easy system does not. This will minimize your energy expense as well as is a wonderful function for energy effective house designs.

If you opt out of solar warm water, one more option is to use tankless water heaters or instantaneous hot water. These use less power as well as they warm up immediately, so you do not need to let the water run up until it fumes when you get in the shower.

This is my biggest pet peeve. People plant vegetation that does not belong in their environment or land kind, which then need great deals of water as well as upkeep. Do not do that! Green living requires growing the ideal types of plants in the appropriate areas. Lasting houses require lasting landscapes and growing. You wish to lessen maintenance and also use of water.

Smart Growing: Usage plant types that are native to your location or that are understood to flourish in your environment. Ensure these plants can make it through with minimal maintenance as well as watering.

Vegetable Yard: Attempt growing a veggie garden. Growing your own health food is very sustainable as well as can be an enjoyable leisure activity. Make certain to plant fruits and vegetables that will certainly flourish in your area. Utilize the rain water you gather from your roofing drainage to water your yard.

Develop To Last For Sustainable Residences

Construct To Last! I can not emphasize this adequate. If you wish to develop a sustainable home, you require to construct it to last. Longevity is necessary for lasting houses. If your home frequently requires repairs, that is not sustainable. If your roofing requires to be redone every 6 years, that is not sustainable. Construct your house to last! The craftsmanship should be such that it will certainly endure time and challenge. Construct with materials that call for little upkeep. Build with knowledge. If you are in a location susceptible to typhoons and also you develop a deck with recycled timber, it is not lasting if the deck gets torn down in a typhoon. I am not stating not to build the deck, but build it with correct cyclone ties as well as strapping as well as use timber that can deal with the components. We restored several residences in NY after Sandy, yet we constructed concrete residences to make sure that they can stand up to the following one. Construct a residence appropriate to your climate as well as environmental requirements and build it well.

Take care of your home when you are residing in it as well as construct your house so it deals with you. Lasting house style can not be attained without thinking of construction top quality and methods for a long-term house. Utilizing long lasting products as well as construction methods is crucial.

Build Something You Love

One of the most sustainable point one can do in building is develop something you like. Construct a residence that you will love, construct a house that your kids will like. When people enjoy their houses, they look after them and they don't alter them. Do not build a new residence simply to refurbish your kitchen in 5 years. Build a house with which you are happy. Construct a residence of which you are proud.

Do not fail to remember, develop a house that has as tiny an influence on our planet as possible. Build a sustainable house by starting with the right sustainable residence layout strategy. Sustainable residences profit our environment and their proprietors.

Insulation of wall surfaces as well as the floor and also having a ceiling board

This will aid to assist in cooling deliberately to save money on power expenses. Insulation will certainly aid in saving cash on energy expenses as well as make your home more comfy due to the fact that the insulation will prevent warmth passing in and also away from the house.

It will certainly maintain a comfortable temperature level inside despite the outdoors temperature level. Insulation allows the temperature to remain well balanced also in winter season or summertime.

Set up double-glazed home windows

Eco-friendly Double glazed windows assist to insulate your home, making it cooler during the summer season and also warmer throughout the winter season. One can also make use of thermal power outage curtains instead of double glazed home windows in case they are also costly.

Utilize the sun

Orientate a new home for maximum sunlight. This includes passive solar home heating styles and utilizing daytime illumination totally. By the use passive solar, the home windows can allow power, as well as the heat soaked up decreases the demand for heating the house throughout cool durations such as winter months. Inquiring from the designer for more concepts is required.

Choose home appliances that have more energy-efficiency

Swapping of the regular electric appliances with energy-saving qualified items is very preferable for a sustainable house

Selection of safe building materials for building your house.

Non-toxic structure materials lower life-cycle ecological effects your house could posture.

Making use of neighborhood products

Making use of locally offered products is appropriate to minimize the destruction of the atmosphere throughout transportation.

Usage of sustainable power sources

This is done with the installment of a small wind generator or micro-hydro system. Picking the power company that produces renewable sources is additionally suggested.

Constructing your home with comfort taking care of the future will make it much more lasting

If the plan is to remain much longer in the space, after that the indoor and outdoor access will be a need; it will likewise prevent future extension of your home in addition to renovation so regarding lower future expense in your house.

Choice of local or native plant life for landscaping as well as interior decoration is an essential element

It will make the house look gorgeous as well as eye-catching, along with developing a tranquil setting for sustainability. Plants also act as natural air cleansers.

Installation of photovoltaic panels as well as temperature-regulating wall surfaces

It will certainly make your house to be extra environmentally friendly and likewise make the house colder. Photovoltaic panel are an audio investment for lasting home renovation.

Installing of energy-saving light bulbs in the house.

Energy is conserved when incandescent light bulbs are replaced with compact fluorescent lamps or LED bulbs.

Usage of expansion lots sorts of tools

Your home power consumption can be minimized by practically fifteen percent if multi-socket extension lots are utilized.


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