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How To Decorate The Front of Your House

The front of your house is the first thing that most people will notice about your home. This means that you want to give as good a first impression as possible so that they have a good opinion of your home. With that in mind, here are three areas that you can decorate the front of your home.


Your front wall is a lot of space that you can use to your advantage. You can have hanging baskets of flowers that help to brighten your home, or you might decide to have some wall hanging panels. Plants and nature are always a good idea as they will link with your front garden which we will discuss later in this article. You can have window baskets on your downstairs windows and hanging baskets around the entrance your home. Flowers are great in the summer months, but you need to think about what you might use them for when the weather turns cold. You might decide to have a vine that climbs its way up the side of your wall as these can add a great effect. You should be careful about these, though, as they can burrow into your walls and damage your house.

Wall with hanging baskets.


The front door is a focal point when walking towards your house. This means that it should give the best impression possible. It is the first thing that people will interact with. This means that if your current front door is feeling old and creaky, it might be time to replace it with something new.

You could choose aluminium entrance doors for their ability to combat the weather and remain sturdy and strong for years. However, this might not suit your specific home aesthetic, and you might want a more traditional wooden front door. Either way, picking a new front door can help to breathe new life into the front of your house. You should also consider what kind of doorbell or knocker you will have on your door. If you have guests, then this is how they are going to call attention towards their arrival. Different styles will suit a different door and home, so pick one that is best for you.

Front door in a classic style.


Your front garden is a reflection of you. The plans that you have, the state that it is in and the amount of care that you have taken the nurture it; all of this is a reflection about how much you care about your appearance and will give a vastly different impression depending on its quality and your choices. Most front gardens will have a lawn that needs to be mowed regularly to ensure that it doesn’t become overgrown. Then you will likely have flower beds where you can plant various plants and flowers. Depending on the type of person that you are, you might also want to plant vegetables or more exotic plants in these spaces. You need to make sure either way that you clear your garden of pests and weeds as this will keep it in the best possible condition.

A garden with trees and a bench.

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